Ralph and Barbar Alterowitz with Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders"They cover a sensitive topic with tact and insight. We will all have problems with our sexuality due to PC. You will gain a new insight into what is truly important to both male and female and perhaps grow even closer as a result."

Jim Dorsey


"Thanks Ralph, I knew I read this somewhere, but couldn't think of the words to express myself. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you and Barbara have done for us all. I know I, for one, could not have made it without the book. I use to mark pages and leave them around for my husband to read. He is the type that stuck his head in the sand, so I did all the research and took all the action. ( including in the bedroom)

We haven't used any aids for erection since 1 year and 1 month post surgery. I know our recovery is due to wonderful people like you that have been willing to talk about this problem.

We continue to talk about the impotency issue openly in our groups. We want to help others as we have been helped. I habe been passing around the name of the book for over a yr. now.

Thanks again...we are eternally grateful."

KLD, Saratoga, NY


Ralph Alterowitz with Dr Ruth Westheimer

[I] have just started to read Ralph and Barbara Alterowitz, Intimacy with Impotence (Cambridge, MA:  Da Capo Life Long Books, 2004), and that is the first lesson they teach:  there is more to sex and loving than just whether you can get it up or not.  It's not up to us whether we do or don't.  And in general we delude ourselves if we think that we are in any way in charge of our lives.  Seems to me if the surgeon had saved your nerve bundles, they'd be working by now.  Move on, your life is not over.  Read this book, and get on with your new life.  Very best wishes; write again and don't give up on yourself as a human being because of this. 



Through my reading and my bible, which by now everyone knows was Ralph and Barbara  Alterowitz’s first book, “ The Lovin Ain’t Over”, I learned that I had to be the  aggressor in the intimacy department and the making love department. If I didn’t  do this, it just wasn’t going to happen....  I mentioned  Ralph and Barbara Alterowitz and their first book.  I also bought their second book  “Intimacy with Impotence” when it first came out and I still read through that  now and then.  I am on the advisory  board for our American Cancer Society and M2M group. 



I'm looking forward to using both books in my own private practice specializing in Psycho-Oncology.  



In my own opinion, this book is a bomb-shell. It may not be the whole enchilada, but it’s as close as you can get....[this book] should help most, along with being a valuable tool in the hands of healthcare professionals who treat cancer patients. Every Mental Health Counselor should have this book in their library for reference to help those traumatized by the effects of cancer.

from the review by Ran Patterson  http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art42870.asp








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